PH METRE  Display pH/mV and Temperature
  parameters simultaneously
• Resolution: 0,1/0,01 pH
• Automatic Calibration up to 
  3 point automatic recognized
  for USA/NIST buffers
• Manual-Calibration up to
  2 points (User defined pH Buffer)
• Large 2 color display with
  indication of Calibration Buffers
  and measurement’s stability
• Instrument can be equipped
  with a magnetic stirrer
• IP54 rated housing 
  handles splashes
• 3 years meter replacement warranty

additional for EC-45-pH

• Selectable Resolution:
  0,1/0,01/0,001 pH
• GLP and IQ-OQ manual available
• Automatic Calibration up to 5 point
• Memory with re-call of last
  calibration date and time and
  information of electrode’s life
• CAL DUE: set of calibration frequency
  for high quality of measurements
• Stability Parameter (Low-Med-High)
  for high accuracy measurement
• Non-volatile memory holds up
  to 1000 data points with date/time
in automatic (Data logger) or manual
• 2x USB ports to transfer data
  at PC or printer and for
  external keyboard
• Software PC-Link to download
  data (included)

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